Alex Albon can't stop crashing in epic Charles Leclerc Monaco battle on F1 24

Alex Albon can't stop crashing in epic Charles Leclerc Monaco battle on F1 24
F1 24 THE 10 RACERS ft. Charles Leclerc, Alex Albon, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Diogo Jota

In an event for the upcoming F1 24 game, 10 names from the world of Formula One, football and entertainment did battle around the famous tight streets of Monaco - and Alex Albon couldn't stop crashing with Charles Leclerc in an epic duel.

F1 drivers Albon and Leclerc raced against the likes of football stars Diogo Jota and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and other stars such as Average F1 Consumer, WillNE and MaximeMXM.

Speaking before a wheel was turned, Albon said he was "very nervous" and Leclerc said he was "feeling the pressure" too.

Albon then joked: "All the pressure is on Charles today and honestly if he doesn't win, it's embarrassing."

There was a 15 minute qualifying session to determine the grid order before the competitors did battle over 20 laps of Monaco which included a mandatory pitstop.

In an eventful session, Leclerc topped the timesheets, who appeared emotional afterwards, with Albon in second after they traded blows and El Rey Guiri, a F1 streamer who Leclerc bigged up before the race, in third.

Aubameyang qualified eighth with Jota ninth.

At the start of the race, Leclerc held on to the lead with Albon having to fight off Guiri from behind; the Thai driver then banged wheels with Guiri and against the barriers throughout the first lap while keeping pace with Leclerc.

Guiri spun on lap two to take him out of contention and having to fight back through the field.

Albon then pitted on lap five to try and undercut Leclerc and it worked as he came out ahead on lap six - during this time, Jota and Aubameyang were playing out an epic battle of their own.

But Albon was on mediums with Leclerc on hards with Leclerc saying he would "save his tyres" - he didn't even need to do that as Albon brushed the barrier in the final corner before being overtaken by Leclerc at the start of lap eight.

Albon kept the pressure on for a few laps and the two traded places through laps nine and ten before Albon got in a tangle with Jota.

Leclerc then got caught behind Aubameyang with Albon attempting another overtake before Leclerc restored his advantage.

Leclerc then made a mistake on lap 18 to gift Albon the lead, who at this point had a three-second time penalty for corner cutting the chicane.

Albon then spun himself on lap 19 to gift Leclerc the win - Albon finished second on the road but was demoted to third behind MaximeMXM because of the time penalty.

Leclerc said: "Very special feeling today. I enjoy it so much when we take off the damage."

Aubameyang beat Jota in the battle of the footballers too.

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