Ninja announces he is cancer-free days after diagnosis

Ninja announces he is cancer-free days after diagnosis
Streamer Ninja Announces Melanoma Diagnosis
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Just over a week after revealing he had been diagnosed with skin cancer, Twitch's most followed streamer Ninja has announced his is cancer-free.

The 32-year-old professional video game player posted his 'shock' at being diagnosed on X / Twitter on March 26.

Ninja, whose real name is Tyler Blevins, said he went for an annual skin and mole check and a mole was removed from the bottom of his foot which turned out to be melanoma.

Ninja said a larger area was then removed as a precaution.

Now, in an update posted April 4, Ninja announced to his followers on X / Twitter 'as of right now, I am officially cancer free'.

He said: "Just got the news from my dermatologist, great news x 2!

"Excision was successful with clear margins. Lesion biopsied nearby showed only mild atypia and was entirely removed with the biopsy.

"As of right now, I am officially cancer free ^_^ thank you all for the prayers and kind words this last week. Love you all."

Lots of fans and followers Tweeted in reply to him.

Ninja is one of the most popular personalities in the worlds of streaming and video games; he has 19m followers on the streaming site along with almost 24m subscribers on YouTube at the time of writing.

He started out playing Halo competitively in 2009 and became one of the faces of professional gaming in 2017 when Fortnite skyrocketed in popularity.

Ninja has even got a skin that's available in Fortnite and appeared on reality competition series The Masked Singer in 2019.

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