Star Wars Outlaws: Everything we know so far

Star Wars Outlaws: Everything we know so far
Star Wars Outlaws Official Story Trailer
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Games developer Ubisoft has dropped the story trailer for new single-player video game Star Wars Outlaws.

It shows what players can expect through the campaign and comes not long after Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection was re-released to mixed reviews.

The new trailer shows off some of the characters, locations, storyline and dialogue that can be expected to feature.

It's due to be released on August 30 2024 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC with three days early access with Gold or Ultimate edition, which includes the base game and season pass.

The pass will include two unspecified 'narrative expansions' at present but that doesn't mean there won't be more in the future.

The game is now available to pre-order.

Kay Vess is the main character gamers will play asUbisoft

Kay Vess is the main protagonist, a scoundrel who must navigate the criminal underworld to pull off an impossible heist and secure her freedom along with her loyal companion Nix.

It's understood to be an open-world game where the player takes on different missions for different criminal organisations with Jabba the Hutt featuring along with Han Solo in carbonite.

Han Solo in carboniteUbisoft

The game is set between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.

Featured in the trailer are a number of different alien races, chicken walkers, stealing a ship from an imperial hanger and spaceship dogfighting.

Sliro is the main villainUbisoft

Sliro, the main antagonist, is one of the galaxy's elite, living in Canto Bight and leading his own burgeoning and highly lethal criminal syndicate, Zerek Besh, says Ubisoft.

After a failed job, Sliro doesn’t take kindly to Kay, placing a bounty on her head and sending one of the galaxy’s best bounty hunters, Vail, to hunt her down.

In search of her freedom from the bounty that follows her, Kay will set out across the Outer Rim, seeking out and convincing skilled and capable outlaws to help her pull off one of the greatest heists the galaxy has ever seen - stealing Sliro's fortune.

A scene from the world of Star Wars OutlawsUbisoft

It was previously known The Pyke Syndicate, The Hutt Cartel, and Ashiga Clan all feature and it's now been confirmed Crimson Dawn does too.

Across the Outer Rim, Kay will build her reputation and form tense and ever-changing alliances with each of these syndicates.

Jabba the Hutt featuresUbisoft

Kay and Nix will come face-to-face with their leader Jabba in his iconic throne room on Tatooine but the Hutt presence will be felt across other locations and planets too.

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