Wayne Rooney tricked by AngryGinge into FC 24 Pro Clubs 'training'

Wayne Rooney tricked by AngryGinge into FC 24 Pro Clubs 'training'
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Former Manchester United and England star Wayne Rooney was caught out by a joke that he needed to be up early for an EA Sports FC 24 Pro Clubs training session with Girth N Turf.

YouTuber AngryGinge said to Wayne, 38, he arranged for the squad to have a training session between 8am and 11am in the morning.

Girth N Turf FC, a popular Pro Clubs side, also has young darts superstar Luke Littler among its players as well as YouTube and streaming stars such as IShowSpeed, Mark Goldbridge, Pierce and Yung Filly.

But Wayne, who is between jobs after most recently being sacked as Birmingham City's head coach and has since signed up to Girth N Turf, got caught out by the gag.

He even told his wife Coleen he couldn't do the school run because he had to 'train'.


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In a video posted on TikTok, Angry Ginge said: "10 o'clock in the morning, I'm in bed trying to get to sleep, I get a phone call - Wayne Rooney.

"'So I take it we're not training lad?' So I said, what? What do you mean mate? Genuinely I'm p***ing myself, I'm absolutely p***ing myself already because I already know what's coming.

"He goes 'well I've been up since half seven with the controller in my hands and I've just found out that it's just banter you lads have'.

"He's been sat there since half seven ready for 'training' with his controller."

He erupts into laughter and claps his hands saying: "Unreal. He goes 'I've had to tell my missus that I can't do the school run because I've got training'," he says before laughing again.

There have been a number of comments with crying laughing emojis, with the most liked comment saying: "That's dedication that."

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