OnlyFans model reveals why AI-models will never be more attractive than she is

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Australian-born OnlyFans model Laura Lux (@DarthLux) doesn't think the AI images of "hot naked women" can compare to the appeal of a real OnlyFans model.

After images of titillating AI-generated models circulated on the internet, it sparked debate about whether or not they looked realistic or way too good to be true.

On Twitter, one of the viral images showed four blonde women, who all had pretty similar-looking faces, all posing in black lingerie in a bedroom.

It sparked discussion on whether the computer-generated models could be believable enough to start OnlyFans, which could potentially be a threat to real creators on the platform.

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Laura also doesn't feel that the faux images can destroy the content subscription service.

Taking to Twitter to share a thread of thoughts, Lux noted that people wouldn't subscribe to her OnlyFans to see "random naked women."

"They subscribe to my OnlyFans because they want to see ME naked specifically based on a parasocial connection formed by following me on other social media platforms," she wrote in one tweet.

Lux also explained that the platform's most successful creators had garnered success elsewhere.

"You get OnlyFans subscribers when they say, 'Oh wow, I have followed this girl on Twitter for 4 years, and now I get to see her p***y???? Sign me up,'" she continued before adding that the "parasocial connection" to the creator is the whole idea.

Lux continued: "' Titties belonging to a realistic AI-generated character' will never be as interesting as 'titties belonging to a girl I subscribe to on YouTube' no matter how 'perfect' or conventionally attractive the AI image is."

People who viewed her posts believed Lux had a point in all this.

One person wrote: "True. As someone with an OF, I can also attest that they put you through a more rigorous self-identification process/validation than the freakin' IRS. Fake accounts are nearly impossible."

"Lol, this was crazy, but I agree, hahaha," another added.

A third wrote: "Exactly. The idea of AI women is gonna be merely unappealing to men; because what they want is a real woman. They want the ownership of a real woman, they want to exploit a real woman, sex is about ownership to them, and that's also why they pay for OF instead of free porn."

Someone else decided to play a bit of devil's advocate and added: "What if someone created an account and used an AI chatbot and AI images to run an OnlyFans account? Should that be allowed? Genuinely curious [about] your take on it. Personally, I don't think it should be allowed. I think it's weird, tbh."

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