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AI generated women plan to destroy OnlyFans has one critical flaw

AI generated women plan to destroy OnlyFans has one critical flaw

Spot the errors?


An artificial intelligence bot has managed to generate an image of fake cam girls, proving how sophisticated its capabilities.

However, before it can take over OnlyFans it has some glitches to fix.

One particular AI-generated image went viral on Twitter this weekend sparking debate as to whether it was a real photo or if it was computer generated.

The image shows four blonde women, all with nearly identical faces, posing in lingerie on a bed.

Some found the image incredibly realistic while others thought it was too good to be true. But one Twitter user, heartereum, believes it’s real enough to start an OnlyFans.

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“I am totally starting a fake AI generated OnlyFans for gullible idiots if I fail this trading thing,” the Twitter user wrote.

In a Twitter thread, heartereum showed various depictions of women in lingerie to prove how realistic artificial intelligence can make images.

While at first glance some of the photos seemed hyper realistic, other Twitter users quickly pointed out how the AI managed to mess up some parts of the image.

Small details like inconsistent fingers, connected body parts, and strange poses were all giveaway signs that the images were computer-generated.

One image was particularly easy to pick out as AI because there were hands emerging from a computer-generated woman's head.

The Twitter user told people that, "the point is not to pixel peep to look for signs it's fake or not" but that the images were good enough that they could pass as something people would pay for online.

However, some pointed to the ethical implications of using AI images to make money - especially for a website like OnlyFans where content is often NSFW.

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