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A plus-size content creator and traveler who said seatbelts on planes cause "emotional damage" is now sharing tips on how to avoid the trauma.

Kirsty Leanne, who goes by @kirstyleannetravels on TikTok, posted a video to explain three tips on how to ask for a seatbelt extender.

"Don’t be ashamed of asking! Your safety and comfort is important," the video's caption read.

The first tip Kirsty suggested is boarding the plane first whenever possible or pre-board to be one of the first people on a plane.

For the second tip, she said to ask a flight attendant for the extender as you're boarding. And lastly, Kirsty said to get an aisle seat if there are concerns about flight attendants handing them an extender, or if you want to ask for it when already seated.


Don’t be ashamed of asking! Your safety and comfort is important ❤️✈️💺 #plussizetraveltok #plussizetravel #flyingwhilefat #fatwanderbabes #traveltok

People in the video's comments expressed their gratitude to Kirstie and even had words of encouragement to not worry about others' perceptions.

"Thanks so much for all your tips!" one wrote.

"Oh let’s take the power back and just ask and not worry about what others think," another added.

Someone else spoke on their experience with seatbelt extenders said: "I had no idea I would need one when I flew to DC in 2020 on one of my flights and I was mortified when I could buckle. [The] flight attendant noticed and surreptitiously handed one to me. It was very nice of him how he handled it."

Elsewhere, Kirsty regularly posts videos on her platform sharing the lessons she learned while travelling, her adventures and other helpful and positive content to inspire other plus-size people to explore the world.

Indy100 reached out to Kirstie for comment.

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