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Kim Jong-Un just brought in a bizarre baby name rule in North Korea

Kim Jong-Un just brought in a bizarre baby name rule in North Korea
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Apparently, nobody in North Korea is allowed to have the same name as Kim Jong-un’s daughter.

That’s according to reports from Radio Free Asia (RFA) which says an anonymous source from the North Pyongan Province revealed the Ministry of Safety is implementing the new rule.

The Ministry of Safety reportedly summoned any woman or girl named “Juae” or “Ju-ae” to change their name because that is the name of Kim Jong-un’s nine-year-old daughter, Ju-ae.

“The reason why the authorities are investigating all the names ‘Ju-ae’ and forcing them to change them is because ‘Ju-ae’ is the name of the daughter who is touted as a ‘noble son of the highest dignity’ so there is an internal order to get rid of the name of the same person,” the source said.

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This means the name can only be used for those with the highest dignity. This practice has been implemented for every North Korean leader’s name.

RFA reported that the Pyongsong City Security Department issued an internal order for any woman who uses the name ‘Juae’ to change it within a week.

The report comes as Ju-ae is beginning to appear more and more publicly - hinting that her father may have chosen her as his successor.

Ju-ae has been photographed at her father’s side during military inspections, a state banquet, and more.

His daughter, thought to be around nine or 10 years old, may be the second of Kim Jong-un’s three children. It is unverified if the North Korean leader has a third child but Ju-ae does have an older brother.

Although it is unconfirmed if Kim Jong-un will make his daughter the successor to his dictatorship, according to CNN the state-run newspaper has referred to Ju-ae as “beloved” and “respected.”

This may indicate Kim Jong-un is already preparing his country to respect and obey his daughter - even at her young age.

Already, any person with her name will have to change it. The anonymous source from RFA revealed a 12-year-old girl who lives in the same unit was forced to change her name and her birth certificate after the announcement.

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