The real meaning of 'Twix' has left chocolate lovers stunned

The real meaning of 'Twix' has left chocolate lovers stunned
Meaning Behind Name of Chocolate Bar 'Twix'

Chocolate fans have had their minds blown after discovering the meaning behind the name of the famous chocolate bar.

We're all familiar with the caramel shortbread chocolate treat, which comes in two bars and is packaged in a gold wrapper with “Twix” in red.

The bar was first produced in the UK in 1967 and later in the US in 1979, so you could say it's a classic.

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Despite being a long-standing product in shops, now Mars the manufacturer behind the sweet snack has revealed the real meaning behind the name - and it has come as a surprise for many.

The revelation came in 2018 after Fooji tweeted at Twix, and asked: "I read that "Twix" is short for "twin biscuit sticks." Can you confirm or deny this?"

To which Twix said they were “close” with this theory and then revealed the name is actually short for "twin sticks."

Who knew?

Earlier this year, people were also surprised after learning the meaning behind "M&Ms."

TikToker Claire (@condimentclaire) gave an insight into the events that led the candy-covered chocolate to become and remain popular to this day.

The story included "so much family drama," involving Forrest Mars Sr whose father is Mars founder Frank C. Mars and Bruce Murrie whose father is Hershey executive William Murrie.

it ended up that the two collaborated on the product and decided to name it after themselves - Mars & Murrie to create the recognisable brand M&M.

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