Here's why you should eat your Christmas tree instead of chucking it - yes really

Here's why you should eat your Christmas tree instead of chucking it - yes really
What to know about recycling your Christmas tree

The new year is here, people are making a fresh start and pulling down their Christmas decorations.

But before they do, they might want to listen to the chefs who are calling for people to think twice about chucking out their tree.

Food experts have spoken about the health benefits of eating Christmas trees rather than disposing of them after the festive period.

According to some, using the pine needles from the tree will provide a boost of Vitamin C and make a difference to the planet [via the Daily Star].

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Apparently, as long as the tree is organic it can be used to create a whole host of dishes and people can “eat pretty much the whole thing".

Is it time to start using our trees in cooking?iStock

Julia Georgallis is a baker and author of How to Eat Your Christmas Tree spoke about the idea of using trees in cooking by saying: “You can pretty much eat the whole thing.

She added: “You can use the needles as you would use rosemary or bay leaves, for flavour.”

Discussing the climate crisis, she said that it had “made everyone a lot more aware of how they’re eating, what they’re eating, and how they buy and grow stuff”.

Georgallis also said she was baffled every year by the practice of cutting down trees for Christmas.

“I don’t know why - in a climate crisis, when trees are our best armoury - we’re cutting down thousands a year to keep hostage in our houses,” she said.

After all, some of the most acclaimed chefs in the world have been using pine needles in their cooking for years.

René Redzepi of three-Michelin-starred restaurant Noma said: “Think of it as rosemary - you can use it in just about anything.”

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