The cost of living crisis is so bad people are eating pet food and heating food on radiator

On the Breadline, Cost of Living Christmas Appeal

The cost of living crisis in the UK, withrising costs and falling wages, has gotten so bad to the point that people are eating pet food and heating up their meals on their radiators.

In a report from BBC Wales, Mark Seed, a community worker who heads The Pantry, a community food project in Cardiff, wants people in struggling households to be given the support they need, even if it isn't in areas associated with poverty.

"I'm still shocked by the fact that we have people who are eating pet food," he told the outlet before noting that people try to warm their meals "on a radiator or a candle."

He also explained that people don't have enough money to afford the essentials everyone should have access to.

The Pantry is a Community Trust-funded facility that has a goal to reduce food poverty in Cardiff.

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The facility also provides cost-efficient food and household essentials to over 160 residents.

Elizabeth Williams, one of the locals who is a pantry visitor, said that the project has been a big help and unites people, but the times are still rough.

She also explained that she and her partner are unemployed while her son lives with them and works long hours.

"Even with my son working - and he contributes as well - it's difficult because he has to live as well, and he's got needs. He has got several things wrong [with him], and he's waiting for surgery."

The rising food and energy costs have been considered the main cause of the latest inflation surge.

The Office for National Statistics estimates that the average UK household pays 88.9 per cent more light and heat in 2021.

Elsewhere, experts think that by the end of this year, the average family will have spent £4,960 in food markets, which is £380 more than in 2021.

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