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Whether it's a pesty habit or a rare occurrence every once in a while, eating ice is one of the worst things we can do to our teeth.

A New York-based hygienist Avalene (@avalene.r) routinely dishes on dental tips and facts on her TikTok. and one of her most recent videos breaks down the danger of eating ice.

Explaining the risks, she urged her followers not to chomp on ice.

The text overlay of her video read: "When you eat ice, you risk cracking and chipping your teeth. Please do not eat ice."

"Share with an ice eater," she captioned her video.

🌟share with an ice eater🌟#learnontiktok #avalener #dentalhygienist #hygienist #rdh #oralcare #dentistry #dentalvibes.


🌟share with an ice eater🌟#learnontiktok #avalener #dentalhygienist #hygienist #rdh #oralcare #dentistry #dentalvibes.

🌟share with an ice eater🌟#learnontiktok #avalener #dentalhygienist #hygienist #rdh #oralcare #dentistry #dentalvibes.

Many people scurried to the comments, with some people attesting that what the TikTok user shared was true, and has happened to them.

"Yeah guys don't try this it happened to me," one user wrote.

Another admitted that they too had the unfortunate incident occur, but that didn't change their ice-eating ways, "That happened to me but I still eat ice."

Even those who have yet to face the damaging effects refused to change.

Another said, "omg so scary😱 *continues to eat ice*"

"But it’s so good I’m sorry," one person said, while someone else commented, "I let it melt is that good instead of biting?"

According to Medical News Today, eating ice is ‘not usually dangerous’ but it can lead to dental and oral issues.

“Consuming a lot of ice can damage tooth enamel and cause cracks or chips in the teeth,” the site explains.

“This can lead to further problems, such as increased sensitivity to temperature and oral pain."

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