Molly-Mae’s brand is hiring - but role pays £10k less than UK average salary

Molly-Mae’s brand is hiring -  but role pays £10k less than UK average salary

Molly-Mae Hague’s self-tanning company has been looking for new hires - but the role pays £10,000 less than UK average salary

Hague’s company, called Filter, had an opening for “Social Media Content Creator” that was published on Indeed and has since expired.

The job, which was based in Manchester, was full-time and temporarily remote due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“As a member of the brand team, your day-to-day activities will involve creating and executing the social media strategy and content with the aim to drive growth on each platform and contribute to driving traffic to the site,” the job description said.

It also said that the potential job candidate had to have a “passion for social media and thorough knowledge and understanding of all key platforms.”

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The yearly salary offered for the job on Indeed was around £20,000-£25,000. The average UK salary is £31,487.

Hague, who shot to fame after appearing in the fifth season of Love Island, started Filter back in 2019, recently faced criticism after a clip of an interview went viral online.

In it, she made “tone-deaf” comments surrounding privilege, wealth, and people’s backgrounds, saying that “we all have the same 24 hours in a day” to achieve a level of success.

Once people on social media saw it, they created countless memes trolled her sentiments.

Someone who works as best they can to get to the same level as Hague, may have a more challenging time on a £20,000 salary - it’d take them decades even if they never spent any of it. The reality star is believed to have a net worth of £2m.

Footage of Hague was also released that showed her shocked reaction to finding out she was set to work a 12-hour shift at a PrettyLittleThing warehouse, a company she happens to be the creative director of.

And most recently, amid all the backlash for her commentary, Hague addressed the situation on her Instagram Story, apologising to those who have been “affected negatively or misunderstood” her intentions because she wanted to inspire people from her own experiences.

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