Flight attendant explains how you should ‘enjoy the ride’ during turbulence

Flight attendant explains how you should ‘enjoy the ride’ during turbulence
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A flight attendant has explained their mindset for dealing with bumpy conditions on planes, which could help if you struggle to keep calm during turbulence.

Most people don’t like the idea of rough conditions, but those who fly for a living think very differently about such experiences.

Jay Roberts worked for Emirates and now runs Fly Guy’s Cabin Crew Lounge network and he said that he’s learned to “love the ride” that comes with bumpy journeys.

Speaking about why people shouldn’t be afraid of turbulence during an interview with the Daily Mail, he said: “I’m not scared of it because I know the flight history data and know planes don’t crash because of turbulence.”

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He added: “I also know from personal work experience the chance of encountering severe turbulence is rare.


“So often, when I’m experiencing turbulence as a passenger or crew member, my inner child sees the dips and shakes as a rollercoaster, and I enjoy the ride.”

Roberts even said that turbulence can be a “welcome break” from attending passengers. “It’s one of the few circumstances during which we can ignore service call bells,” he said.

Speaking about cases of severe turbulence, he added: “Damage to the aircraft’s interior can come from carts and passengers hitting the roof. Passengers and crew could experience injuries to their skeletal system during this rare turbulence category.”

Adding a word of reassurance, he said: “I worked as cabin crew for 13 years on some of the longest flights in the world, crisscrossing areas notorious for turbulent air, and never encountered severe turbulence.”

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