Former Royal butler shares the 6 etiquette tips he swears by when hosting or staying with guests

Former Royal butler shares the 6 etiquette tips he swears by when hosting or staying with guests
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Whether you're hosting guests or staying with friends, how you present yourself is extremely important, according to former Royal butler Grant Harrold (@the_royal_butler).

With impressive credentials - having previously worked for King Charles for seven years as part of the Royal household - he is now sharing his etiquette expertise to ensure you don’t fall foul of any faux pas.

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From dressing appropriately for dinner to ensuring you speak to the guest on your right hand side first during a meal and always lowering the toilet seat, there are various way to improve our how we come across.

Grant shares his staycation best practices on behalf of Luxury Cottages - here are his tips:

Always keep your guests warm

“When hosting a dinner in a castle or rental, it is always important to keep your guests warm.

"If a log fire is available, it is imperative to make good use of it and always keep your logs topped up - after all, ‘logging on’ in this form is much more important than logging on to a computer during your stay.”

Always lower the toilet seat when finished

“It is a gentleman’s duty to lower the seat, not a lady’s job to raise it. Always be respectful of your guests and ensure the toilet seat is ready to use once you have finished. After all, cleanliness is godliness.”

Always ensure you are dressed for dinner

“Always ensure you are appropriately dressed for dinner. For instance, when staying in a Scottish castle, it is traditional to wear the Highland dress - after all we are in Scotland.

"Impressions are everything and a wardrobe faux pas is not how one wants to be remembered. Oh, and take my advice, we never dine in our pyjamas.”

Always be prepared

“Always have a good selection of drinks in the cupboard, especially a selection of non-alcoholic drinks ready for unexpected guests.

"I would also suggest you keep a supply of canapés in the fridge (or freezer) so you will be a fully prepared host even at short notice.”

Always interact in the correct manner during dinner conversation

“During a formal dinner party, you should always ensure that you speak to the guest on your right for the starter and main course, and the guest on your left for pudding and dessert. After all it is good to talk and that is dining etiquette.

"Don’t become intoxicated, remember to behave with grace and decorum.

"No licking fingers after eating a canapé (and don’t double-dip), we always use a napkin!

"Keep your glass in your left hand so that you can freely shake hands in case any introductions are needed.

Always pass the salt and pepper shakers in unison

“Remember the salt and pepper shakers are married. You never just pass the salt, you always pass the salt and pepper together.”

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