Everything you need to know about Generation Alpha

Everything you need to know about Generation Alpha
Austin Family: Learning more about Generation Alpha

The world may be obsessively analyzing Generation Z at the moment, but soon their focus with turn to Generation Alpha - the youngest group of people in the world right now.

Queuing up behind Gen Z is Gen Alpha, the group of people born from the mid-early 2010s to the mid-2020s (yes, they're still being born).

Set to be the world's largest generation, Generation Alpha up is growing up during a pandemic with advanced technology and medical care so many are eagerly awaiting what personality traits they will take on.

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Although the group of people is quite young and there is more to learn about them we already have some key information about them.

Here's everything you need to know about Gen Alpha.

Birth years

Researchers don't have a clear-cut answer to Gen Alpha's birth years - similar to the blurred years of Gen Z. But they place the generation being born sometime between 2010 and 2025.

Using 2010 as the first birth year, it puts the oldest members of Gen Alpha at 12.

Most people in this generation will be the children of Millennials.

Key years

By the late 2020s, the oldest members of Gen Alpha will turn 18 and by the early 2030s, they will turn 21.

This means the first of Gen Alpha will begin joining the workforce by the early to mid-2030s.

Defining characteristics

While it is too early to give the generation of people solid personality traits, many researchers are predicting that Generation Alpha is set to be the most technologically advanced, open-minded generation yet.

According to The Atlantic, they are anticipated to be the wealthiest and best-educated.

Social research experts Mark McCrindle and Ashley Fell have already begun studying the group of young people, calling them the "most globally connected generation."

Having grown up during the Covid-19 pandemic and mental health crisis, the generation is sure to take health and mental wellness more seriously than previous generations.

Generation Alpha is set to be the largest generation thus far UN, OECD, McCrindle | McCrindle 2021

Notable Gen Alphas

There are already a few famous Gen Alphas - including the heir to the British monarchy.

Prince George of Wales, Princess Charlotte of Wales, and Prince Louis of Wales are all members of Generation Alpha.

All of the children of the Kardashian sisters born thus far, except Mason Disick, are also Gen Alpha.

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