Gucci's new pet collection features $7,500 dog bed and $460 poop holder

Gucci's new pet collection features $7,500 dog bed and $460 poop holder
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For everyone who has wished to style their dog as fashionable as themself, your prayers have been answered.

The luxury Italian fashion house Gucci has released a line of accessories, clothing, and homeware for pets retailing from $180 for an Airtag holder to $7500 for a pet bed.

"The Gucci Pet Collection infuses the everyday with a magical aura," Gucci wrote in a caption on Instagram.

The collection features practical items like dog collars, leashes, pet tags, small and large pet harnesses and more. The average collar, featuring the iconic Gucci symbol is around $360.

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But the collection also features non-necessary items for people to pamper their pets. Like sweaters, coats, shirts, and even hats. Or for the ultra-luxurious pet, owners can purchase $325 feeding mats, $895 bowl covers, or a $2,380 bowl carrying case.

For some, the luxury pet collection is a fun way to spoil man's best friend.

"Omg I need one of these bags for winter to carry my dogs this is too cute," a commenter wrote on Instagram.

"Gucci pet collection actually kinda fire… thinking," a Twitter user said.

"This is so extra and expensive and yet I keep thinking maybe I need to get some designer bling for Riley," Anna tweeted.

Of course for most people, the designer pet campaign is not within their budget.

"Me: Get ready for the recession. It’s on the way, and could be meltdown. Also me: Gucci has a pet line now. Could be a nice Christmas present for Teddy Bear," Anthony tweeted.

"I wish I could afford the Gucci pet couch for my cat but 7k is probably what my car is worth smh," Oscar wrote.

The collection features accessories for almost every pet size ranging from extra small to extra large.

While it's unclear how many people may be purchasing the designer items for their pets, one thing is for sure, the Gucci pet collection campaign is adorable.

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