This year's most searched for Halloween costume is Squid Game - here's how to make your own

This year's most searched for Halloween costume is Squid Game - here's how to make your own

Squid Game


By now it’s no secret that pretty much everyone has watched Squid Game (and if you haven’t we’re not really sure what you’re waiting for).

The popular Korean thriller series has inspired countless memes and TikTok videos since it premiered last month and is on track to become Netflix’s most-streamed show ever. With Halloween around the corner, it only makes sense people are on the hunt for the best Squid Game costume to dress up as Sae-byeok, Ali, Jun-ho, the creepy giant doll, and more fan-favorite characters.

Squid Game, which was created by Hwang Dong-hyuk, premiered last month and follows a group of people who are invited to play a series of children’s games with life-threatening consequences for a chance to win 45.6 billion won (or 38.7 million American dollars). Each player has a reason for why they need the money—and they’re willing to do just about anything to be the last man standing. With heartbreaking scenes of betrayal and moments of utter despair, fans all over the world have continued to be drawn to the dark series.

Ahead is how to make your own Squid Game Halloween costumes, and we’ve got them all covered. Whether you want to dress up as one of the players, a guard, or the ominous Front Man, scroll below for all the details on what you need to make the characters come to life.

One of the 456 Players

You can’t go wrong with dressing up as one of the Squid Game players, after all, they’re the most memorable characters we see during the show. This costume from Amazon—which is an exact replica of the outfit characters like player 456 (a.k.a Gi-hun) and the Old Man wear in Squid Game—features a green sweatsuit with white sleeves on the arms and legs, and the number of the “player” on the chest and back. Clean up the look with the white Vans slip-on all the players wear. Dress up with your friends or go at it alone for a foolproof option.

A Guard

Similar to the player’s outfits, but make it red and equipped with a mask to hide their identity from being revealed; this Squid Game guard Halloween costume is just as classic. The set includes a red jumpsuit that’s nearly identical to the one worn by Jun-ho and the rest of the guards in Squid Game. The jumpsuit comes with a hood, gloves, and a black belt. And don’t worry, there’s also a black mask to hide your face with. You get the option of choosing between three different designs modeled after the different shapes on the masks of the guards in the TV show: square, circle, and triangle.

The Front Man

Want to certify yourself as the leader of the pack? Look no further than this frontman costume. Truthfully, you can achieve this look with any plain black parka jacket, but if you are in the mood to buy a new outfit for the cause; this hooded robe cloak from Amazon is just as perfect. Of course, you’ll want to top off the look with his signature black mask.

VIP Mask

This one is simple: all you need is a flashy gold animal mask. In the show, the mysterious wealthy VIP characters are seen wearing sparkling gold masks with each of them shaped like the heads of different animals as they eagerly watch the contestants kill one another. Find the tiger masks online at Xocostume.

Killer Doll in Red Light, Green Light

Perhaps your favorite character wasn’t an actual human, but instead the doll the started it all. The giant doll is the first game players experience and where they realize each round is a matter of life and death. For this outfit, all you need is a yellow t-shirt layered with an orange dress (or you can buy it as a set here). And if you’re feeling particularly inclined, you can also wear a creepy mask modeled after the doll’s face.

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