Man sparks debate after spotting his neighbour hoovering his grass

Man sparks debate after spotting his neighbour hoovering his grass
Mole is walking on the grass!

People have differing standards when it comes to how presentable their garden looks, but one person has shared a rather alternative method for ensuring their grass is spotless.

And it involves using a vacuum cleaner...

In a post to Reddit's "Ask UK" forum, one person claims to have spotted their neighbour using a vacuum cleaner on his front lawn and questioned whether this is a "normal" practice.

"Is it normal to hoover your front garden, even if it's all grass? Just seen my neighbour doing it on my Ring doorbell, with a Henry Hoover. Should I be concerned for his mental welfare?" the user asked.

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Later on, the post was edited to clarify that the neighbour's lawn is "proper grass" and not Astroturf, and added that a vacuum isn't the only tool they use in the garden as they've also previously seen the neighbour "cutting the border of our lawns with scissors".

Is vacuuming your garden normal? That what Reddit users were debating...iStockphoto by Getty Images

The post certainly garnered plenty of reaction from people who shared their two cents on the matter, sparking a debate.

On the one hand, some believed using a vacuum on the front garden was "a bit weird" and "obviously not normal".

"No it's not normal," one person said, as they listed more convention tools used in the garden. "That's what leaf blowers, a broom and shovel and a garden wheelie bin or compost heap is for. I have seen people vacuum astro turf but even that is a little strange you could use a broom."

Another person agreed: "No. It's absolutely not normal at all whatsoever."

Though there were some that defended the guy for vacuuming his lawn.

One person questioned: "Could it be that they've lost something in the garden, perhaps a ring or something small, and the easiest way to find it would be to hoover it up?"

"I've done this to pick up broken glass in my back garden when a storm picked up and dropped my patio table before," another person said.

"He probably dropped something very small in that area, it's easier to sort through a Hoover bag than it is to sift through thousands of blades of grass."

Someone else added: "I hoovered my grass once when I spilt sawdust all over it. Worked surprisingly well. My family still will not let me hear the end of it though.

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