Man storms out of date after woman behaves 'disrespectfully' but not everyone agrees

Man storms out of date after woman behaves 'disrespectfully' but not everyone agrees
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A man has questioned whether he was wrong for storming out of a date after he says the woman behaved "disrespectfully" towards him - but people are divided on this matter.

In a post to Reddit's "Am I the A**hole?" forum, the 34-year-old man has noted he was on a second date with the 31-year-old woman and "things seemed to be going great" until he left to go to the bathroom.

"We went to a local bar and we were kissing, hugging, dancing, holding hands. Next thing you know I get up to go to the bathroom and when I come back she's at another table sitting with a guy and talking to him," he wrote.

"We make eye contact, doesn't signal to tell me she needs five minutes and she doesn't wave me over."

Time passed and the man had enough of waiting around for his date.

"I wait for what felt like 10 minutes, sitting alone at the table. I finally decide to get up and leave.

"I had picked her up so I'm not sure how she got home. I text her the next day to tell her it bothered me she started talking to other guys while we were on a date. No reply."

The man was fed up of waiting for his date to return and so stormed out.iStockphoto by Getty Images

To conclude, the man asked Redditors if he wrong for ditching his date after being left to sit on his own, and many people have weighed in with their thoughts.

One person said: "What she did was rude. She SAW you, chose to ignore you and leave you alone for 10 minutes while she talked to another man. It wasn't on you to go up and introduce yourself to whomever she decided to chat with. You dodged a bullet."

"It was a second date, you didn't lose much anyways. Let the trash take itself out," another person wrote.

Someone else added: "NTA great job standing up for yourself by leaving. How rude of her to do that. Even if it was an old friend I knew, I'd leave them right away and simply say I'm on a date, good chat, gtg."

While others believed he was in the wrong for his actions and that he jumped to conclusions.

One person wrote: "YTA. Like you wrote in your other post and in comments, you ASSUMED the worst (that she was flirting with a stranger) instead of talking to a friend or someone she knew because in your words, your insecurity.

"You said you didn’t see any body language that they were flirting."

"YTA. [...] As a woman who has actually been in similar situations multiple times, what I do is I walk over and introduce myself to gauge the situation before jumping to conclusions," another person said.

Someone else added: "YTA. Why not just walk over? She was probably waiting for you and then found it super weird that you just left. She could have been chatting with a friend or coworker. Even if it’s a random dude, she’s there with you and you said it was going well."

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