Larry the cat walks away from Liz Truss on No 10 doorstep

A man has had enough of his girlfriend bringing him cats (six to be precise) and has threatened to take all of them to the shelter.

In a post to Reddit's "Am I the A**hole" forum, the 29-year-old detailed how his 28-year-old girlfriend would joke about her dream of becoming a "crazy cat lady," but he now believes this is now a reality.

The couple has been together for three years and began living with each other about a year ago, and chose a duplex that "specifically allowed pets."

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He noted how his girlfriend often engages with "a lot of social media that focuses on stranded, neglected, and abandoned animals."

"But after we moved into our new place, she started bringing some [cats] home. In the first 6 months that we moved in, she brought in 2 new cats," the man explained, without discussing this decision with him.

The cats were supposed to be there in a short-term foster where the girlfriend could be nursed back to health but they are still there six months later.

Last month, the girlfriend once again brought home another cat without talking to her boyfriend about it and was "pretty mad," telling her he wanted the cat gone within two weeks, but the cat is still there as the girlfriend says "she can't find a good home for it."

However, the cat rescuing didn't stop there...

"This past weekend she told me she wants to bring in another cat. (Kudos to her I guess, she's learning to talk to me first). I told her absolutely not," he wrote.

The boyfriend has expressed his anger at his girlfriend brining home so many cats to look afteriStockphoto by Getty Images

"I told her we already have too many cats and that if she brings in another one, I will take all of them except her 2 original cats to the nearest shelter. She flipped out on me and called me a callous and uncaring AH.

"She said these are animals in need and she is capable of providing them with the care they need. She said they would probably be dead without her help.

"I told her that sucks, but animals die every day and I'm not going to allow her to keep bringing new animals into our home just because she feels sad for them. I know that sounds uncaring, but I'm literally surrounded by cats and I hate it," the boyfriend concluded.

Since sharing his feline frustrations, the boyfriend has received a range of different responses and most believed that he was not the a**hole in this situation.

One person said: "NTA Your girlfriend is developing an animal-hoarding mentality."

"If the GF really wants to help the cats, there are other ways. But that she won't even search a new home for those cats... She doesn't do animals a favor if she hoards them, even if she has the money. NTA," another person wrote.

Someone else added: "Look up animal hoarding. It sounds like your GF, may have this mental illness."

Though there were a couple of comments who disagreed and believed the boyfriend could've acted differently.

One person said: "Sorry dude, she told you upfront what she was. You didn't take it seriously. YTA for that and for threatening to take the animals to a shelter knowing she was wanting that lifestyle."

"YTA. Nowhere does it say that you have had a calm discussion with your girlfriend," another person said.

"You just “flip out”. You’re almost 30, time to have productive talks. Also, issuing ultimatums never works. If you don’t like living with cats, then you’re probably with the wrong person."

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