17 Things Being Eliminated by Millennials

Millennials are all over the world and are the most massive adult group.

They make up 23 per cent of the world population or 1.8 billion people. The cohort is alsothe most educated and increasingly influential, according to the World Economic Forum.

And despite the influence, some things are collectively unique to millennials, which will most likely not be remembered once their era is done.

Discussion forums on Reddit try to tackle this very topic, prompting those that fall under the millennial category to share their opinions on what would virtually vanish when they are all gone.

We've rounded up 11 things millennials on the platform believe will disappear from memory when the generation is no more.

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A world remembered before the existence of the internet

"When I was a kid, we didn't have the internet." - u/Aido_Playdoh

The time when phones were wired to the walls, so you couldn't go too far when chatting

"I once tried to explain [to] my niece that phones used to be wired to walls. She's ten (she was six at the time). Cell phones are all she's ever known.

"Among the reasons she guessed as to why they were 'tied' to walls: To stop people from stealing them." - u/N_Who.

"I once tried to explain [to] my niece that phones used to be wired to walls. She's ten (she was six at the time). Cell phones are all she's ever known."iStock

When the internet had dial-up and was relatively new so you couldn't be on the phone and computer at the same time

"Or at least the times of "get off the computer, I gotta call grandma!" u/Jesse0016

"I was talking computers with a guy only ten years younger than I was…He never heard a dial-up modem until I played the audio for him off YouTube.

"Kids these days have no idea how long something like YouTube would've taken on 56k."- u/Xiao_Qinggui

Tuning into whatever was being streamed on the TV that day

"Watching 'whatever was on.' Everything is always on now; you don't stumble into an interesting (or awful) show because it's the only thing mildly interesting on tv." - u/ChefJeff7777777

Local area network parties (LAN) for computer games

"Playing multi-player video games with split screens in one room." u/EngineerMinded

"LAN parties hit diff than being in a discord call. LAN parties need to come back in style." - u/Og_Left_Hand

"I remember the picture of the guys playing call of duty split-screen, and one guy covered his half with a blanket, so there was no screen looking." - u/CherryDuuuude

Portable DVD players to stream movies because laptops weren't a thing

"I had a roommate in 2014 who didn't have a laptop but had a portable DVD player. It was wild seeing him watch movies on it in the living room. He was also in film school, so it felt even more odd." - u/Chililights

"Holy s***. I remember being concerned with buying a laptop that doesn't have a DVD player.

Also fussing about read speeds (2x, 4x, 16x)." - u/brain_tourist

Socialising with people without many digital distractions

"Socialising without checking your redtokbookgram messages every 30 mins." - u/Kotch11

Having to wait a whole week to watch a show because streaming services like Netflix and Hulu didn't exist yet

"Waiting to watch the anime block once a week on Friday nights - taking 4 years to finish a 100+ ep series."- u/Msaiks

"Waiting forces you to absorb the details. I remember a lot more about shows I used to watch on TV than I do about stuff I just binged last week."-u/cptboring

When people seemed to be more private because social media wasn't around

"Privacy. The kids today share everything; they will even post someone else online. Millennials understand life before the internet, and we see the internet as a tool. The younger generations see it as real as real life. They have no problem signing their rights away online and posting every aspect of their life for all to see."- u/Cool_Weather_7763

Burning music you like on CDs

"Waiting for your favourite song to come on the radio so you could record it on a tape.

"Burning CDs and having those big binders to hold them all.

"Boom boxes."- u/guiltless_salamander

"Burning CDs and having those big binders to hold them all..."iStock

Using paper maps or printing out directions before heading on a trip

"Printing out Mapquest to go on a road trip. You know what's funny, I was looking through old things that I had, and I have a printed map from 2005. Doesn't seem that long ago until you realize it's over 15 years ago."- u/shocktopper1

AOL Instant Messages where you could put "away messages"

"AIM and away msgs like this <3333."- u/Ladymay787

Playing outside before the street lights turn on

"Letting kids play outside, untraced and unreachable until the streetlights come on."- u/DLIPBCrashDavis

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