Private investigator shares tips to spot a cheater

Private investigator shares tips to spot a cheater
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A private investigator has revealed the top signs that your partner is cheating on you.

Charlotte Notley, from Norwich, has spent years investigating suspicious activities, two-timing spouses, and secretive dalliances.

Advising people to keep tabs on their other half, she recommends everything from checking browser satnav destinations to surprising your partner at work. Now she shares tips on how to spot a cheater, telling people to trust their guts.

“Distance will be the first indicator,” the 32-year-old told NeedToKnow. “Hiding their phone and unexplained times away without much of an explanation is another sign. Check for changes in their social media- new followers and friends,” she said.

“Check their browser history on shared devices. Check previous destinations on a Satnav and make a surprise visit to your partner's work or usual place they should be."

“You know your partner the best, so if something feels off, then it probably is.

“Most clients who come to us know there is something not right and they usually are correct. “Secretive behaviour is a key indicator for any relationship as trust must always be there.

“If you feel concerned, ask your partner to reassure you and your trust.

“If you are still not satisfied then trust your instinct.”

According to the World Population Review, approximately half of the people in married relationships cheat on their spouse.

Between January and March this year, 28,865 divorce applications were registered, reports

“If you have exhausted all avenues to get to the truth yourself then it is best to hire a professional,” she said. “Private Investigators cannot go through someone’s phone or breach any UK GDPR laws, therefore it is only for the case of if your partner is physically spending time with someone else that a PI can help but ensure the cost is always worth the reward.

“Having evidence of your partner cheating will not assist in any divorce or legal proceedings but it will give you peace of mind one way or another.”

However, not everything is always as it seems, with some surveillance efforts turning out to be wasted on innocent people. “We conducted surveillance for a female who was adamant her husband was cheating on her.

“It turns out he was spending time in a restaurant car park with a coffee and a book. “He was being dishonest about it but he certainly wasn’t having an affair.”

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