21 ways to be kinder to yourself on World Mental Health Day

21 ways to be kinder to yourself on World Mental Health Day

When we feel anxious, fearful, or stressed about the situations life can throw our way, psychologists say that the best way to cope and alleviate some of those feelings is to be kinder to ourselves.

Of course, it’s easier said than done, but the real problem lies in the idea that many of us practice being kind to others but will neglect to share that same kindness with ourselves.

Life is already riddled with obstacles, toughness, stress, obstacles, and much more, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t begin practicing kindness beginning with yourself.

To practice this, indy100 compiled a list of 25 ways to be kinder to yourself while hopefully setting an example for many others to follow suit.

1. Have a bold conversation with someone

We all have interests, thoughts, and a voice to express how we are feeling in life, reactions to situations we see in the news, and much more. Instead of instantly thinking that your opinion isn't worth mentioning, tap into your bravery to start a conversation.

Whether it’s about your favourite food or personal matters, take the initiative to speak up about your interests!

2. Practice what you preach

Speak earnestly; only say what you mean and never downplay or speak unfavourably of yourself or others. Words are instruments of power to relay messages.

3. Do the right thing, even if no one is watching

Never stop doing for others. Whether that’s donating clothes to the goodwill or helping someone carry their groceries, continue to do the right thing, whether or not people IRL or on social media are watching.

4. Hang out with people who do good things

Spend your time with people who share a similar spirit to you when it comes to doing what’s right. After all, the saying, “show me who your friends are, and I’ll tell who you are,” has truth to it.

5. Never settle for anything

Don’t accept less than what you deserve because once you settle, it will be a hard cycle to break.

Enjoy time with good peopleEnjoy time with good peopleShutterstock / Syda Productions

6. Don’t live your life on the internet

Scrolling on social media and the internet is cool but be sure to spend some time with people face-to-face.

7. Don’t take yourself too seriously

Certainly, take your work obligations and other responsibilities seriously, but don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

8. Do something that frightens you

If you’re scared of heights, trying new foods that are unfamiliar to you, or are scared to spark up a conversation with others step outside the box and try it! You can overcome fear with willpower.

9. Take some time off

Everyone deserves a day to ourselves where we don’t confront any problems and no solutions are searched for. It’s totally fine to withdraw for a moment and then revisit at another time.

10. Calm your mind

Maintaining a calm mind is one of the best defences to have amid some of life’s greatest challenges. Take a few deep breaths and then begin to approach the situation.

Take deep breaths Take deep breaths Shutterstock / Microgen

11. Show yourself some compassion

Try to be as understanding of yourself as you would be with a dear friend. When your compassion doesn’t start with yourself, it’s incomplete.

12. Learn how to forgive

No matter what the situation, apologising is not only brave, it helps you begin to let go of your troubles and feel happier.

13. Set large goals

Setting daily, monthly, and yearly goals centered around your dreams is a wonderful thing. Don’t hesitate to think that what you’re doing is too big—nothing is impossible as long as you believe in yourself!

14. Go to sleep earlier

Not only will you feel less groggy in the morning, but it can also help you regulate your sleep schedule so your body will awaken at the perfect time every morning so you start off on a happy and productive foot.

15. It’s OK not to “fit in”

When you seem to adopt the majority of people's thoughts, it’s time to take a second and reflect. Focus on being yourself and standing out from the crowd.

16. Imagine a way to make your life easier and act upon it

If something takes away from or doesn’t add much value to your life and causes stress, it doesn’t belong there.

Listen to your favourite musicListen to your favourite musicShutterstock / Merla

17. Stop the self-judgment

What’s one of the keys to be kinder to yourself? Don’t judge. You can’t sum up your life based on one moment in time.

18. Add a little music to your life

Music can boost your mood. So put on your favourite song or album and enjoy the sounds.

19. Break out the dance moves

Let loose and dance like there’s no one watching. Don’t hesitate to enjoy each step.

20. Be comfortable with being your own best friend

It’s much better than being an enemy to yourself.

21. Spread your wings and reinvent yourself

Many people think that life is about finding yourself. However, life is a constant journey of really creating yourself.

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