Starbucks fans rocked after key syrup discontinuation

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Tragedy has struck Starbucks fans who love a fruit-forward beverage.

On Tuesday, a TikToker who appears to be a Starbucks employee, posted a video informing people that the company would be discontinuing a fan-favorite syrup.

The TikToker, who goes by anyaaroyo, said she clocked into work and read on Starbucks’s weekly update that the raspberry syrup would be discontinued soon.

“How [the f***] am I gonna make my summer drink now,” anyaarovo wrote.

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The raspberry syrup has become a go-to for many who enjoy iced teas and refreshers from Starbucks. During warmer months, people will share their favorite refreshing beverage order which often includes a few pumps of the raspberry syrup.

Another TikToker who also works at Starbucks posted a similar video, saying she too found on the weekly update the company would discontinue the syrup.

Starbucks confirmed to Indy100 they decided to discontinue the syrup in the US.


how tf am i gonna make my summer drink now #starbucksbarista

News circulated around TikTok, eventually making its way to Twitter and Reddit where other people shared their heartbreak.

Fans are so passionate about the raspberry syrup that one even created a petition to “Save Starbucks Raspberry Syrup.”

“Some of the best drinks such as the strawberry acai refresher with lemonade and the pink drink will not be as special without this amazing add-in. And Starbucks drinks that rely on the raspberry syrup, like the cotton candy frappuccino, will no longer exist!” The petition creator, Jessica, wrote.

So far, the petition has been signed 17 times.

Starbucks said US customers "can expect limited inventory at stores throughout March as we remove it from our menu."

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