People want the day after the Super Bowl to be turned into a national holiday

Cincinnati Schools To Be Given Day Off After Super Bowl

Super Bowl Sunday is met with festivities across the country with many watching the big game alongside their families, friends, or fellow football fans at a bar.

It's the most-watched event and the celebration typically involves two things: food and booze.

Year after year, thanks to the preceding day's festivities, Americans crawl to work—still not fully recovered from the events that went down. Because of this, the Super Bowl. is often proposed by many as being made a national holiday—that way people are able to take the day off and come back fresh on the following Tuesday.

In essence, the argument is made to be similar to the way New Year's Day is celebrated as a federal holiday. The night before is met with parties and alcohol while New Year's Day is enjoyed by many at home taking it easy.

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Between the actual football, the halftime show, and the intriguing commercials, almost everyone gathers to watch the Super Bowl.

With news breaking that Cincinnati Public Schools will give the day off on February 14, to staff and students in honor of the match between the Bengals play the Los Angeles Rams in the Super Bowl, it's left many wondering if this should be a widely adopted holiday.

"Say it with us: The day after the Super Bowl should be a national holiday," read one tweet.

"As this is my professional account, I would like to raise awareness for a cause near to my heart: The Monday after the Super Bowl should be a national holiday," said another.

"I can not wrap my head around why the Monday after the Super Bowl isn’t a national holiday," one questioned.

"Let’s be honest… the whole country hates working after the super bowl… make this shit a national holiday lol," read one tweet.

Lis Smith tweeted, "One day a presidential candidate will call the day after the Super Bowl a national holiday."

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