12 things you'll regret not doing as a young person when you reach old age

12 things you'll regret not doing as a young person when you reach old age
Moment drink driver four times over limit runs over pensioner

A Reddit thread has documented the things elderly people regret not doing when they were young.

The thread, posted by someone in their 40s looking for advice to prepare for old age, has attracted thousands of comments with people suggesting how to improve health, finances and more.

Lots of people suggested exercise. One person said: "My Dad is 73 this year and goes to the gym and lifts and/or cardio 5 days a week. Healthiest person I know."

Another person suggested looking after your teeth and another said "stretching daily" was the key to good health.

And a fourth said it is important to fill your time. "Find a creative hobby," they said. "I worked with old people, and learned that the loneliest ones are the people who can't fill their day."

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Staying in touch with friends was another theme that came up a lot. "Staying in touch with the people you care about/who care about you," one person said. "I’m only in my 30s but have had a lot of loss. It is easy enough to forget that time does run out."

Enjoy musical festivals? Well, be careful. One person said: "Wear earplugs at concerts or when you'll be doing something loud (like mowing the lawn) or just generally keep the volume of music down."

Another told people to drink more water and another recommended yoga.

Wear sunscreen, another advised, while another recommended therapy to get your mental health in order.

Investing your money also came up a lot - classic boomers thinking we have any...

And another suggested learning to cook.

So there you have it, everything you need to have a fulfilling life. Seize the day.

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