Viral egg cooking technique is actually really dangerous, experts warn

Viral egg cooking technique is actually really dangerous, experts warn
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Many families worldwide want to make balanced breakfasts of fruits, grains and proteins to start the day off on the right foot.

But, it can be challenging to get children to be interested.

As a result, creative ways of preparing food have to happen, which can help them eat healthily and enjoy the process if you are looking for child-approved and easy food hacks.

One mom on TikTok went viral for an egg cooking method that she says her toddler “loves.” However, food professionals suggest it could cause health concerns.

On June 17, Alexandra Bewicke, the mom in question who goes by @thatflazonfamily, posted a video that gained over 12.7 million views showing her egg prepping method that her toddler seemingly approved.

Captioned “EVERYONE NEEDS TO TRY THIS,” Bewicke takes an egg and pops it into the freezer. In the morning, she then takes that frozen egg and begins her preparation.

“In the morning, you actually slice these up while it’s still frozen, Bewicke said in the video. “You then put it into the fry pan, and it creates really cool mini eggs,” she continued.

Indy100 reached out to Bewicke for comment.

Since the video was published, Bewicke’s mini eggs are definitely an adorable appealing take on a classic fried egg, but they still can pose dangers.

According to the US Drug and Food Administration, They recommend that people don’t freeze eggs within their shells. “Eggs should not be frozen in their shells,” the FDA’s food safety page said on eggs and preparation methods.

Also, Healthline states that only certain kinds of eggs, such as egg whites could be frozen because it consists of mostly protein and water. On the other hand, raw egg yolks create a “thick, gel-like consistency.”

The medical outlet also suggests that when the eggs are frozen in the shell, they can expand. This causes the shells to break apart, allowing bacterial infections such as Salmonella.

All and all, although certain food hacks are innovative and seem easy enough to do, it’s best to tread lightly on the food and safety front to be as healthy as possible.

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