Woman cuts down dates down to 10 minutes each to save time and money

Woman cuts down dates down to 10 minutes each to save time and money
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Dating can be a pain, given that you have to invest your time, effort and money into a person only to sometimes find out they're not your cup of tea - but one woman has shared the ultimate solution to cut straight to the chase.

Emily Vernem from Australia shared with Mamamia's The Lonely Girls Guide, how "emotionally draining" dating can be and said she now arranges her first dates to last just 10 minutes - but will extend this up to 30 minutes if she is having a good time, The Daily Star reported.

She revealed that she does this to check whether she actually "vibes" with the man with her "pre-date screening" before going on a real date with them.

Giving an example of how she arranges this, Vernem said she texted one guy she's hoping to go on a date with and tells him she is in the area if he wants to meet up for a quick coffee.

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"We met at a cafe and immediately clicked. The conversation was effortless, and I was very attracted to him," Vernem said.

As things were going well, she stayed for 30 minutes even though she wanted to say longer but in the end the short date led to more excitement about a real date.

Although things didn't work out on this occasion as the guy later messaged her to say they weren't compatible, Vernem was ultimately glad she had done a "pre-date screening".

Another time, Vernem shared how the 10-minute cut off came in handy when she wasn't getting on with her date.

"We met up, and I hated him. Not just 'didn’t get along with him,' I hated this man’s guts," she explained.

"Thankfully, the benefits of the pre-date screening kicked in (for me). After 10 minutes of being talked and mansplained to, I told him, 'Sorry I have some more errands to run.' (The errands being me needing to get away from him)."

Vernem believes her "pre-date screenings" have been successful because while her dates haven't work out, she has saved a lot of time, effort and money that she could have spent had she gone on proper dates with them - only to come to the same conclusion.

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