YouTuber Brodie Moss meets remote island tribe that rarely sees outsiders

YouTuber Brodie Moss meets remote island tribe that rarely sees outsiders
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An Australian YouTuber met up with an indigenous tribe on the "forgotten islands" who barely come across any outsiders - and his welcome was heartwarming.

Brodie Moss uploaded a video to the platform, sharing his experiences in northern Vanuatu, a South Pacific Ocean nation.

While visiting Kwakéa Island, Moss said a man called Brett lives there.

Brett is allowed to live on the island since his grandfather got permission from the locals to stay there after "the war."

But in the other islands of the nation, the tribes live without any kind of technology and still live as hunter-gatherers.

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"There [are] no shops, there's hardly any power or reception, and we'll be eating whatever we can catch from the ocean or on the land," Moss said in the video.

Brett also gives viewers a look at his hut along the beach before they get on a boat to visit the isolated island.

"See those islands there in the distance? We're heading towards them. They're the islands, Brett trades with and the one where all the locals are from," Moss said.

He also explained that the tribe hasn't interacted with other caucasian people besides Brett, so any situation could boil down.

When they came off the boat, some of the people could be seen ready to use their bows and arrows.

However, they didn't launch an attack and the tribesmen - who were exuberantly chanting - could be seen taking Brett and Moss to the chief.

YouTuber meets remote island tribe that rarely sees outsidersYBS Youngbloods/YouTube

Once they got to the chief, the tribespeople fell to silence as the leader spoke.

And in a translation, the chief told Moss: "I am the chief of this village. With my people, I am welcoming both of you."

The tribe then broke out into dance and cheers.

Towards the end of the clip, Brodie revealed that he wasn't expecting the encounter to be "beautiful," "insane," and "scary."

"The people here are amazing," he added.

According to World Atlas, there are approximately 100 tribes that haven't made contact with the outside world.

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