10-year-old finds error in the Natural History Museum dinosaur display

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The 136-year-old institution was outdone by a 10-year-old.

One of the world's oldest and grandest institutions of leaning, The Natural History Museum, recently updated its famous dinosaur display.

But the new facility wasn't exactly correct.

The Telegraphreports that 10-year-old Charlie Edwards was on a birthday sleep over at the museum when he spotted a silhouette display of dinosaurs.

Edwards impressively clocked that that the display had wrongly labelled a dinosaur as an Oviraptor.

This is a small carnivore with a parrot like beak, and was apparently not the one being shown.

Museum staff had reportedly used the silhouette of a Protoceratops, not a Oviraptor.

(I mean, haven't we all done that?)

Edwards emailed the museum, who wrote a letter of reply, thanking him for pointing out the error.

Thank you again for getting in touch with us. We really hope you keep your enthusiasm for palaeontology.

Prior to this, his parents claim they were unsure he was right - this was the Natural History Museum after all.

His mother Jade, told The Telegraph

He was adamant though saying 'I'm telling you, I'm right'.

She continued:

We should have realised he would have been right, he loves his dinosaurs.

I am really really proud of him. Charlie has Aspergers syndrome and tends to find a subject he loves and tries to learn so much about it so it's really nice that he's been able to show what he's learnt and that knowledge base.

A spokesperson for the museum has stated that the exhibit has been updated.

Unfortunately, in the process an error has been made. We are very impressed with Charlie's knowledge and hope his passion for palaeontology continues.

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