11 people who thought Ed Miliband would be prime minister

11 people who thought Ed Miliband would be prime minister

1. Neil Kinnock

I think the most likely result is that Ed becomes Prime Minister and that he follows a fairly conventional course in the House of Commons.

2. Peter Kellner, YouGov

Miliband could enter Downing Street even if he leads a slightly smaller contingent of MPs than Cameron.

3. The Independent on Sunday's pollsters

Ed Miliband would become prime minister with the support, whether he wants it or not, of the SNP.

4. Martin Bright

The reality now – and there are plenty on the left as well as the right who still find this a scary prospect – is that Ed Miliband is the man most likely to be the next prime minister.

5. Ken Livingstone

Ed Miliband will be the next Prime Minister. I’m absolutely certain about that. The question is just whether it’s a majority or whether it will be a Labour and SNP coalition.

6. Iain Macwhirter

On present polling figures, Labour are home and dry even if the Tories are the largest party. Mr Miliband can't help becoming prime minister.

7. John Rentoul (sort of)

It is becoming harder and harder to see how David Cameron can turn this election round. All the opinion polls and forecasts suggest we are heading for a Labour minority government in a hung parliament.

8. The bookies

Ed Miliband is now the favourite to become Prime Minister, according to bookmakers. Ladbrokes now make the Labour leader odds on to be the politician walking into Downing St after May’s election. They say the odds for Miliband to be PM on July 1st are 5/6, while Cameron comes in at evens. Nigel Farage is a long shot at 100/1, while Nick Clegg is even further out at 200-1.

9. 'Eggheads'

10. This man

11. Ed Miliband

When I am prime minister...

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