McDonald's, like all the other stuff that was cool to 90s kids, is going through something of a renaissance.

Shares in the chain are up almost 28 per cent on last year, and sales are up 5.4 per cent thanks to a turnaround plan put in place by new British CEO Steve Easterbrook to improve on five years' worth of disappointing results.

Here are some jaw-dropping McFacts about one of the biggest chains in the McWorld:

1. McDonald's founder, Ray Kroc, was as ruthless in his approach to business as any Wall Street yuppie:

Contracts are like hearts. They're meant to be broken.

Michael Keaton plays Kroc in the forthcoming film The Founder

2. The first item on their menu was actually a hot dog, not a hamburger.

Picture: Tim Boyle/Getty Images

3. In German branches you can buy beer.


4. If McDonald's was a country it would be the 68th richest in the world.

Picture: Guang Niu/Getty Images

5. McDonald's is the largest distributor of toys in the world.

6. You can buy taro pies in McDonald's in Japan.

Picture: McDonald's

7. And chicken porridge with scallions, ginger and chillies in Malaysia.

Picture: Adlin Hisyamuddin/Flickr

8. And the Hawaiian Deluxe Breakfast includes the Hawaiian favourite, spam.

Picture: Evoixsd/Flickr

9. One in eight Americans have worked for McDonald's at some point (including Amazon founder Jeff Bezos):

Picture: avid Ryder/Getty Images

10. The Golden Arches are more recognised globally than the Christian cross.

Picture: China Photos/Getty Images

11. In 2005 a man called Ronald McDonald robbed a Wendy's in New Hampshire.

12. McDonald's feeds 68 million people - the entire of the UK, or about one per cent of the world's population - every single day.

13. That's 75 burgers every second.

14. And one billion cups of coffee a day.

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