Seventeen things American people do that the rest of the world thinks are plain weird

Seventeen things American people do that the rest of the world thinks are plain weird

Goodness knows Britain has its own fair share of strange customs and practices.

But as a country that might just elect Donald Trump and his orange, smiling face as president, it's fair to say the US of A might have us beaten.

Redditors have been naming things Americans do that the rest of world just doesn't understand:

1. Election season starting two years in advance

The Primary elections and caucuses, the nominating conventions, the announcement of a Vice President running mate, countless campaigns across the country...why is it so long?

2. Homecoming

Coming home from where? Why?

3. School sports teams

The hero-worshiping can be so extreme, in some cases coaches actually earn more than teachers.

In the UK, being able to throw a ball in rounders makes you a pretty big deal.

4. Long-distance 'road trips' across the country

A British road trip would be from, say, London to Cornwall, completed in a few hours. American road trips? They could take weeks.

5. Graduation ceremonies for school

There are pre-school graduations.

Congratulations, you have graduated from nappy to potty. Here's a hat and a certificate to commemorate the moment.

6. Sharing too much information with strangers

Oh? You want to tell me about your mother issues, your cheating ex-husband and that mole on your back? Nope.

7. The garbage disposal under the sink, also known as the Insinkerator

There's nothing like a hole filled with razor sharp blades that you can accidentally stick your hand in to.

8. You have to work out tax in the super market

Ain't nobody got time for that.

9. Sweet potato and marshmallows. Also waffles, maple syrup and chicken together

Ok this one isn't weird so much as awesome.


I'll just put this killing device in my pocket and proceed to walk around in public with it.

11. Food portions in restaurants

They're huge.

12. The American Flag, the salute and the pledge of allegiance. Everywhere.

The patriotism is a tad creepy.

13. Having to drive to a corner shop

So. Much. Space.

14. Tipping

In the UK there is 12- 15 per cent service charge. In the US, there's 20-25 per cent tipping. And if you don't tip like that? Well, you''ll have to do the walk of shame out of the restaurant.

15. Using microwave water to make tea

Why would you...?

16. Declawing cats

This is illegal in the UK and mean.

17. Deep-fried butter

Picture: Giphy

Don't worry America, we love you really.

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