The 19 best pictures from Burning Man festival

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Burning Man is like no other festival on Earth.

Part art installation, part Mad Max road race, part apocalypse preparation camp.

The festival, which brings together art, music, culture and takes place every year in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada.

It consumes a whopping 7-square-miles of the area and attracts around 65,000 punters.

As the whole event is a very spiritual and self-expressive affair, it attracts all sorts of individuals.

More often than not the visitors to Burning Man create unique looks that you wouldn't wear anywhere else apart from a temporary desert city.

Luckily for us they also like to share these images on Instagram and Twitter.

So without further ado here are the best pictures from possibly the most poser friendly festival on the planet.

We'd like to see Chris Froome pull this look off during the next Tour de France.

Nice Beetlejuice trousers.

The structures, vehicles and sculptures that are built every year are always mind blowing.

It's all about that filter, especially when you're in the desert.

Who said that you cant' do sewing in the middle of the desert?

Surely he's a bit overdressed?

She clearly arrived before anyone else.

Of course Paris Hilton is there.

If you wanted to get a good idea of the gargantuan scale of Burning Man just check out this aerial image captured by Daily Overview.

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