How many of our 2022 predictions came true?

Boris Johnson joins TikTok and posts first video_1.mp4

In 2021 we looked to the year ahead, eyes blinking in the sunlight, and thought about what it might be like.

We imagined who the next political leaders might be, what celebrities would get up to and whether there would be any developments in technology?

We even made a 2022 bingo card with all of our predictions and now, with 2022 drawing to a close and 2023 just around the corner, it is time to see how close our predictions were.

Here's what we got right and wrong and everywhere in-between.

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  1. Count Binface becomes PM: We didn't get this one right but it is only a matter of time...
  2. Pete Davidson goes on Love Island and wins absolutely everybody’s hearts. He didn't, but again...
  3. Dolly Parton wins Nobel Prize: She didn't, but this year Parton bowed out of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame awards after receiving nomination. She asked to be taken out of consideration because she doesn’t feel she’s earned it. Humble Queen!
  4. Peppa Pig announces new political party: Peppa is yet to make a new political party but did contribute to social change in other ways this year when the show introduced an LGBT couple.
  5. Scotland leaves the UK and unites with Ireland to make a Celtic Super Republic: Scottish independence was delivered a blow this year thanks to a supreme court ruling so this prediction is looking increasingly unlikely.
  6. Boris Johnson discovers TikTok: Ten points to indy100! Johnson joined the platform in May this year and promised not to dance on it. Other politicians followed suit and in December Matt Hancock used the platform to announce he won't be standing as an MP after the next general election.
  7. Liz Truss for Eurovision: Well she didn't represent UK at Eurovision but we were right that she would rise in prominence in 2022 and representing the UK as the PM is quite the achievement, even if it was for less time than Eurovision contestants probably spend in rehearsals.
  8. Ronnie Pickering opens driving school: We flopped with this one.
  9. Gary Neville MP: We're still waiting... Neville has continued making interventions in politics so we still reckon he'd make a good politician. Hancock's seat will soon be empty?
  10. Richard Madeley becomes a ghost hunter: Another flop. Madeley just spent 2022 acting like Alan Partridge - nothing new.
  11. Bigfoot found: Not yet, but 2022 saw more people claiming they had spotted the figure.
  12. Phoebe Bridgers moves to Ireland: There's no signs this has happened but her relationship with Paul Mescal went from strength to strength this year as it has now been reported the couple are engaged.
  13. Donald Trump’s hair revealed to be toupée: We still think this might happen...
  14. RuPaul buys Amazon: Amazon is still very much in the hands of Jeff Bezos.
  15. Nigella Lawson becomes newsreader: We would love to hear her dulcet tones but alas, we didn't get this one right either.
  16. Jeff Bezos revealed to be an alien: Somehow this also didn't happen.
  17. Elon Musk denounces technology: We couldn't have got this one more wrong if we tried. Rather than denounce technology, in 2022 Elon Musk bought Twitter and we are still seeing the ramifications of his odd approach to running the platform.
  18. Kim Jong-un becomes Instagram influencer: Not quite, but he did wow people with a bold new look in October so we're giving ourselves half a point for this one.
  19. Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian have a baby: Awkward. The pair actually broke up this year and now it has been reported Davidson is dating Emily Ratajkowski.
  20. UFOs land, but promptly turn around: Not quite but there have been some "sightings". Uri Geller even claimed some flew over London on the day of the Queen's funeral.
  21. Global tea shortage: Since everything else that can possibly go wrong has already gone wrong…
  22. Shaun Bailey becomes Lego influencer. Not yet!
  23. David Attenborough posts thirst trap: Ahem. Well. No he didn't.
  24. Salt Bae gets his own cooking show: He didn't. Instead his London restaurant was targeted by environmental protesters.
So we got one completely spot on and a few half right. Not great - maybe we will do better next year?

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