Uri Geller claims ‘UFOs’ flew over London on day of Queen’s funeral

Uri Geller claims ‘UFOs’ flew over London on day of Queen’s funeral

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Uri Geller

Spoon-bending illusionist Uri Geller has become known for his outlandish predictions and warnings to political leaders, but his latest theory about the funeral of the Queen is quite literally out of this world (sorry).

Geller, 75, told his Twitter followers on Sunday to “watch the skies over London” on Monday, when the late monarch was finally laid to rest after her death on 8 September aged 96.

In the post, which was accompanied by a video message, the entertainer wrote: “The Queen’s funeral. I believe ‘they’ will want to pay their respects too!

“Three months ago, a UFO flew over Her Majesty’s jubilee celebrations [and] this may happen again. Send me what you have seen or caught on camera! God Bless The Queen!”

A day later, he went on to share images of what people were sending him, but stressed that he has “no way to verify” them as aliens, suggesting people “just assume that what is in the photo is real”.

Sounds like a simple “trust me” to us, Uri.

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He also tweeted a TikTok video from user @daviddelavega77, which came complete with the caption “UFO in London for real”, suggesting the orange glowing objects were UFOs.

The rest of Twitter, however, was not convinced, with many arguing that they were simply Chinese lanterns:

In a statement to indy100 Geller said: "I have seen them [UFOs] myself and my great mentor Ed Mitchell, the sixth man on the Moon, also said UFOs were real. What’s more, Werner von Braun, the famed Nasa space scientist, personally showed me the remains of one in 1972. My Lamb Island off Scotland is also a hotspot for UFO activity and I hope that they will land there one day! When I wrote my tweet I had no doubt UFOs would be over London, visible or not. Of course I am 2,000 miles away, so I have no way of knowing exactly what people saw - whether it was a UFO/s or lanterns, it’s up to others to decide.”

It isn’t the only wild comment which Geller has made recently. Just last month he warned Russian president Vladimir Putin he would “use every last molecule of my Mind Power to prevent you from launching a nuclear attack” amid the ongoing war in Ukraine.

Meanwhile, previous predictions which flopped include a threat in 2019 to telepathically stop Brexit if then-prime minister Theresa May refused to do so (only for us to leave the bloc a year later), and a claim he would “unleash [his] powers” to make Scotland win against England in their Euro 2020 contest last year.

Somehow, it didn’t work, as the teams drew in their match instead.

We honestly didn't see that coming...

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