Kim Jong-un's new look has prompted some hilarious reactions

Kim Jong-un's new look has prompted some hilarious reactions
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However threatening North Korea’s behaviour may be, social media just doesn’t want to take Kim Jong-un seriously.

The country’s dear despot has personally overseen a flurry of recent missile tests in an ostentatiously ominous response to large-scale navy drills by US forces and neighbours South Korea.

The exercises, which have taken place over the past two weeks, have involved mock nuclear warheads, simulating strikes on key South Korean targets – so pretty serious stuff.

And yet, when North Korean state media released photos of Kim proudly watching over the drills, rather than being filled with fear, many viewers were overcome with comic delight at his choice of attire.

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Known for his signature stiff-collared-black-suit style, the dictator emerged in a white tunic complete with khaki hat, and Twitter couldn’t get enough of it…

More serious commentators have also offered their takes on Kim’s wardrobe choices, with Bruce Klingner, former North Korea analyst for the CIA, telling CNN: “He’s showing that he’s bold and he’s proud and he’s involved in this, and that the tactical nuclear weapons programme is his.”

For those interested in exploring the symbolic meaning of Kim’s different outfits, an Insider article, published in 2019, delved right into it.

Michael Madden, of international think tank the Stimson Center, told the news site: "Kim Jong Un's got some cool clothes. If he were from America, he would be one of these fellas we see in Portland, in Brooklyn, one of these hipster guys.”

Referring to a much-admired (and derided) leather trench coat sported by Kim that winter, Madden explained that he would have chosen the piece to differentiate himself from everyone around him, including the looming spectre of his late grandfather – the first leader of North Korea.

“When he went and sat on the platform, he looked like Kim Jong Un, not just some guy," Madden said, adding: “He's got a willingness to experiment.”

And isn’t Twitter glad that he does.

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