Pictures: Getty
Pictures: Getty

Prime minister David Cameron and former TUC general secretary Brendan Barber have joined forces to pen a warning against leaving the EU.

The Conservative prime minister and the former trade union boss admitted they were rarely political allies, but said that in the case of the referendum “it is right that the rules of conventional politics be temporarily set aside”.

In an article in the Guardian, they wrote:

It’s clear there will be long-term damage for our country’s productivity, caused by the second-rate, more restrictive trade relationship we would have to try to negotiate if we left our home market of 500 million consumers.

Less open trading leads to lower productivity. It doesn’t matter whether you work in a car plant, a factory, a shop or an office: the likelihood is that you would take home less money at the end of every month than if we stayed in Europe.

But here are a few times that the two have been less than amicable allies:

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