We can't quite believe we're typing these words.

But since Donald Trump is now all but certain to win the Republican presidential nomination in July, it's time to talk about who the man Jon Stewart dubbed F--kface von Clownstick could pick as deputy in his bid to become the most powerful person on earth.

The man himself has only suggested Oprah Winfrey (He said later he was joking, but with Trump it's hard to tell.) He's also joked about selecting his daughter Ivanka.

Ted Cruz, once a bosom buddy, is now a bitter enemy thanks to Trump's incessant cries of "loser" and his declaration his former friend is a "soft, weak little baby". It's unlikely the rift will be healed any time soon - especially if Trump beats Cruz to the nomination.

Trump has made great strides in his campaign precisely because he's made it clear how little respect he has for most career politicians. So who could really help him in his quest to Make America Great Again?

Lo, feast your eyes on a veritable plethora of rich white men (OK, not entirely) who could be in with a real shot as Veep in the Trump White House:

1. Howard Stern

Trump and the conservative radio show host have been friends for years: Trump has appeared on Stern's show to shoot the breeze dozens of times and Sten predicted Trump will win the GOP nomination. Might he be rewarded with a VP-ship?

2. Sarah Palin

The former governor of Alaska may have been the kiss of death for John McCain's 2008 campaign, but Trump and Palin admire each other politically.

She's come out swinging for the improbably-haired property mogul in several high profile speeches and media appearances in the last few months.

3. Ben Carson

Once second in the polls and at times ahead of Trump is Ben Carson, another non career politician (a creationist brain surgeon by professopm).

The two aren't exactly friends, but when asked whether he could see himself working with Carson in future Trump told reporters "stranger things have happened".

4. Mark Cuban

Politico has put its money on billionaire businessman Cuban as Trump's top choice of running mate.

The Dallas Mavericks owner said in July that he thinks Trump is "probably the best thing to happen to politics in a long, long time" - but that if he was running himself, he would "crush" the property mogul. Cuban also admitted he voted for Obama in 2008, so this would possibly be a case of keeping your friends close and your enemies even closer.

5. Vince McMahon

World Wrestling Entertainment CEO McMahon is no stranger to politics - his wife ran two very public and ultimately unsuccessful campaigns for Connecticut state senator.

Trump is a longtime associate of the family, and often appears on WWE shows. Here he is being lovingly bodyslammed by none other than Vince himself:

6. Carl Icahn

Trump has said that he'd like billionaire businessman and philanthropist Icahn in charge of the treasury should he become president. Considering he's just pledged $150 million to a Trump Super Pac, its not unfeasible Trump could bump Icahn up the roster a little.

7. Rob Portman

The Ohio state senator has a long and distinguished career in Washington, and would bring much-needed political experience to Trump's campaign. The "all steak and no sizzle" senator has been the subject of presidential rumours in the past but has never actually thrown his hat into the ring or been tapped for VP.

When asked if he would support Trump if he wins the Republican nomination, Portman grudgingly said yes.

Of course, this could all be irrelevant...

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