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The rising rates of depression, anxiety and suicide in the UK are extremely worrying.

Current health secretary Jeremy Hunt appeared on today's Andrew Marr Show to discuss the Conservative Party's plans to combat the issue.

Hunt explained that Theresa May has a "social mission" to improve care for those suffering from mental illness, and promised more funding for the country's mental health services.

Hunt also promised 10,000 more mental health professionals, which prompted Marr to question why the Conservative party had already gotten rid of 6,000.


Whether that funding appears or not, one of the most valuable ways of tackling mental illness is by raising awareness, thus moving towards erasing the stigma.

Symptoms of severe clinical depression and suicidal tendency tend to be better known, due to reports in the media and portrayals in the arts. They also tend to be harder to hide or ignore.

But it's also important to talk about early warning signs and more subtle symptoms, that may be more easily overlooked..

Here are seven subtle signs that could indicate depression...

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