7 things we've learned from the Tory party conference

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There's nothing like a Conservative party conference to really lower your spirits.

Here's what we've learned from the trip to Birmingham so far:

1. It's looking like a 'Hard Brexit'

The pound fell to its lowest level against the dollar since the beginning of July on Monday following Theresa May's speech at the conference, which appeared to suggest that she is moving towards a 'hard Brexit', prioritising border control over remaining in the single market.

2. The 'Power Stance' has gone

No more of this 'exuding authority and confidence with presence'.

We won't miss it.

3. Philip Hammond shouldn't try to tell jokes

4. Baby tories wear gendered baby clothes

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5. We have a date for Brexit

We will now be out of the EU by the Spring of 2019. Probably.

6. Boris Johnson's dad might be a bit of a Brexit skeptic

7. We should expect the economy to be rough

In Philip Hammond's speech he pledged to continue reducing the deficit.

The chancellor said:

Make no mistake, fiscal consolidation must continue.

He also said that we should expect economic "turbulence" and "uncertainty" throughout the Brexit process.

We're used to that by now, Philip.

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