The government tweeted that France needs jam from Britain and people are making fun of it

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On Sunday, during a speech at the Conservative Party conference, prime minister Theresa May finally outlined her plan for Brexit, and announced an intention to trigger Article 50 by the end of March. She also laid indicators that she would take the UK out of the single market in a 'hard Brexit'.

Membership to this gives the UK access to a £9 trillion market, and tariff-free trade which supports British companies.

In September, during the Labour leadership contest, Owen Smith criticised Jeremy Corbyn, saying he failed to show support for Britain staying in the single market, and Labour MP Chuka Umunna said:

Labour should be fighting for Britain to stay in the Single Market, not turning a blind eye to its advantages.

With a hard Brexit seemingly incoming, it appears the UK will have to up its export game.

Not to worry - the department for international trade was quick to tweet, because the UK has plenty to offer.

Specifically jam. To France.

The tweet linked out to a page requesting a fine food representative or agent to represent luxury British condiments in the French market.

People had one small problem with that.

According to World’s Top Exports, $338.9 million (£262 million) worth of Jam was exported from France last year.

In fact, France is the second largest exporter of jam.

Then people posed the question - what exactly is ‘innovative jam’?

The real visionary, people soon found, is Jeremy Corbyn.

And while Theresa May is making questionable scones, Jeremy Corbyn's jam recipe is in high demand...

Who's laughing now?

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