8 women who want you to hear their sexual assault stories after the Trump tapes

Narjas Zatat@Narjas_Zatat
Sunday 09 October 2016 08:00
(Picture: Alex Wong/Getty)

On Saturday, a previously-unreleased three minute recording of Donald Trump speaking about women caused uproar.

The Republican presidential candidate can be heard saying:

I moved on he…I did try and f--k her and I failed. I moved on her very heavily like a b---h and I couldn’t get there. She’s married.

I'm automatically attracted to beautiful women…I just start kissing them – it’s like a magnet.

And when you’re a star, they let you do it – you can do anything – grab them by the p---y, you can do anything.

Several key Republican senators have withdrawn support for him, after his sexist comments attracted a wealth of criticism.

His disparaging words brought the subject of sexual assault, and rape culture into the lime light once more.

Women who have suffered sexual assault came out in droves to share their story, after author Kelly Brook tweeted the following:

Some people may find the following accounts triggering:

What followed were thousands – Oxford claimed 50 messages per minute - of tweets about real stories of sexual assault:

Women highlighted the many facets of sexual assault, and how swiftly claims could be ignored...



Some women echoed Trump's words, which took on a sinister tone




While others emphasised the culture of victim - blaming:




Oxford's original tweet garnered hundreds of thousands of shares and comments, indicating the grim reality of sexual assault, and its prevalence.

After the release of Trump's comments, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton had the following response:

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