9 things that have already gone wrong at Rio

9 things that have already gone wrong at Rio

Less than a week into the Olympics and Rio is already proving itself less than capable at hosting the world’s largest sporting event.

Ranging from a mysteriously green swimming pool to dropping a gymnast with a broken leg, the host country has struggled with the undertaking of such an important task.

Here are some of the worst fails from the first.

1. The mystery of the green pool

A few days into diving competition and the pool mysteriously turned a significantly contrasting colour to the one adjacent to it.

Officials couldn't explain the change but, amid some wild theories, tried to reassure athletes that it was perfectly safe even though experts said they wouldn't.

2. A bullet through the ceiling

Prior to the green pool incident, members of the press found themselves holed up in a tent literally made of holes after a bullet came through the ceiling at the equestrian media centre.

3. Recycling issues

In a day where sustainability is a serious issue, Rio has been successful in doing its part at helping provide recycling bins. However, it can only be considered a shame that the bin shares its bin bag with general waste too...

As spotted by BBC journalist Tim Peach in the Deodoro area.

4. Animal cruelty

A jaguar was shot and killed after slipping its collar at the torch relay, shows only how little Rio is doing in order to protect our environment through failing at protecting one of our endangered species.

5. The state of Guanabara Bay

Set to be the location for swimming, sailing and rowing, the sanitary quality of a bay that has 400 tonnes of rubbish dumped in it daily comes into question. It’s no wonder that a rumour of a kayak capsizing due to a submerged sofa in the water was so readily believed.

6. Australia left homeless

It looks like it isn’t just the press and the environment being impacted by the Rio Olympics. Australia's Olympians, alongside their Belarussian counterparts, were forced to find alternative accommodation upon arrival after being greeted with blocked toilets, leaking pipes and exposed wiring.

7. Dropping a man with a broken leg

If causing problems to entire countries competing wasn’t enough, the host country gave special treatment to the French. While carrying away a gymnast with three breaks in his tibia, paramedics dropped the stretcher, leaving it only to the imagination how much that must have hurt.

8. When it all went dark

Gymnasts experienced power shortages lasting between 15-90 minutes during training before the Games.

9. When the light came back - but not in a good way

As if being plunged into darkness wasn’t bad enough for the gymnasts, Rio seemed to over compensate with the synchronised divers. The Mexican team complained that a bright light had put them of their dive. The mistake was put right as officials let them have another go. That was until they changed their minds once again and decided the original dive would have to stand.

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