While anti-immigration rhetoric seems to have been the stance of choice for political parties of all persuasions in this general election campaign, the Green Party has decided to stand out from the crowd.

Following Labour's controversial "Controls on Immigration" mug, part of a seemingly ongoing battle with the Conservatives to out-Ukip each other, Natalie Bennett's party has designed its own pro-immigration mug.

A few days after a photoshopped version of the mug appeared online, the party has now released a real version via its official website.

For £5 (the same price as Labour's), Green Party supporters can sip their hot beverage of choice from a mug bearing the slogan "Standing up for migrants".

Here at The Green Party we believe in standing up for migrants' rights. If you share the belief that we must all work together for the common good, join us in drinking from this mug!

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