A chart of the world according to the countries most accepting of trans people

Louis Dor
Thursday 05 January 2017 15:15
Picture:(PUNIT PARANJPE/AFP/Getty Images)

A survey of 23 countries by Ipsos for BuzzFeed has found that the UK scores highly in terms of agreement with transgender rights.

As the below chart by Statista shows, we outpaced countries such as the United States, Australia, France, Italy and Japan:

The UK placed only behind Spain, Sweden, Argentina, Canada and Germany, placing sixth out of the 23 countries surveyed for overall score.

However, it was found that relatively few people in the UK actually knew a transgender person, only 20 per cent.


The UK also scored comparatively well for tolerance and accepting others as members of the same community.


In July, the women and equalities select committee recommended changes to processes, ensuring that members of the trans community no longer required medical evidence to change their gender on their passports.

At the time, Nicky Morgan, minister for women and equalities said:

Nobody should suffer discrimination, harassment or bullying because of who they are. As a country we have come a long way in terms of lesbian, gay and bisexual equality, but of course we have much further to go.

I am confident that the initiatives set out here will help make this a reality and improve the lives of transgender people – but this is just the start and we still have much to learn.

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