In important news to all Britons, a new study has found that drinking tea is good for your bones.

A report in the Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition journal suggests that increased tea consumption correlates with higher bone mineral density (BMD), particularly in women.

It is believed tea's bone-strengthening qualities - which could help to prevent osteoporosis and reduce the risk of fractures as we get older - come from flavonoid compounds found in the plant.

Two researchers from Brock University in Canada undertook a comprehensive review of previously published studies from around the world to support their study.

Among their findings were:

  • A study in post-menopausal women found 5 per cent higher rates of BMD among tea drinkers

  • Flavonoids may mimic the role of oestrogen which helps maintain healthy bones but drops during the menopause

  • There are not necessarily increased benefits for those who drink four or more cups of tea per day compared to those who only drink one

  • Tea-drinking men have not always experienced the same benefits as their female counterparts

In other words, stick the kettle on!

HT Quartz

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