Janice Atkinson and Stephen Howd added to long and embarrassing list of Ukip suspensions

Saturday 21 March 2015 09:50

It's been another chaotic week for Nigel Farage's Ukip in which the party suspended two candidates in the space of 24 hours.

Stephen Howd, a barrister who was the prospective parliamentary candidate for Ukip in Scunthorpe, was suspended after an "alleged incident in the workplace", while Janice Atkinson MEP was suspended for "allegations of a serious financial nature".

The party has suspended so many candidates in the past 12 months that there's even a Tumblr page dedicated to documenting them. The page - HowManyUkipSuspensions - also has a timer counting how long it's been since the last suspension.

Here are 15 of the most high profile:

1. Janice Atkinson

Position: MEP Alleged offence: Serious financial irregularities Details: Disciplinary hearing to be held “early next week”.

2. Stephen Howd

Position: Scunthorpe PPC Alleged offence: “Incident in the workplace” Details: Investigation has been launched.

3. Amjad Bashir

4. Roger Bird

5. Winston McKenzie

6. Kerry Smith

7. Dave Small

Position: Councillor Alleged offence: Sexist, racist, homophobic comments Details: Five days after becoming a Redditch borough councillor, Mr Small was suspended after he was allegedly caught tweeting about “poofs and dykes”.

8. David Silvester

9. Robert Ray

Position: Chairman, Thurrock branch Alleged offence: Drink-driving Details: Caught drink-driving after a session with Nigel Farage at a party fundraiser. He stood down as branch chairman.

10. Lynton Yates

Position: PPC Alleged offence: Inflammatory comments – said benefit claimants should be banned from driving Details: The Charnwood parliamentary candidate’s suspension was lifted last month.

11. Chris Pain

12. Matthew Ellery

Position: Councillor Alleged offence: Sexist comments Details: Basingstoke councillor was temporarily suspended after he was found to have called local women “pug ugly”. Quit the party this month.

13. Rozanne Duncan

14. Andre Lampitt

15. Harry Perry

Position: Member, prospective councillor Alleged offence: Offensive comments Details: Booted out after allegedly describing David Cameron as a “gay-loving nutcase” and Muslims as “devil kids” on Twitter.

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