While everyone else was making bad jokes about clouds, Ukip MEP and noted climate skeptic Roger Helmer appeared to use the eclipse to prove his theory that global warming is not caused by humans.

Writing on Twitter, Helmer, who is also the party's energy spokesman, noted:

Despite overwhelming scientific evidence to the contrary, the 71-year-old former businessman, told the [Independent]3 last year that predicted rises in global temperatures were “grossly exaggerated”.

Once described by the New Statesman as the "seal-hating, gay-baiting, victim-blaming Newark candidate", Helmer has pledged that a Ukip government would scrap legally binding targets to curb carbon emissions.

We think the relation between human activity and Co2 levels is open to question, while the relationship between global temperature and atmospheric Co2 levels is hugely open to question.

  • Roger Helmer, Ukip
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